Unleash a child's creativity

Kids can write stories, draw, make movies, record a song.

Creative expression

Help your child discover their voice.

Artistic skills

Encourage fine motor skill development and abstract communication.

Language development

Enhance articulation, storytelling and vocabulary.


Speech therapy

Develop storytelling skills and structure.

Special education

Allows confidence building in a safe and self-directed way.

Creative thinking skills

Help boost test scores through development of right brain skills.

Our Movie

My Story: Book Maker for Kids

Our first app with over 800,000 downloads in over 119 countries.

Our Movie: Collaborative Movie Making for Kids

We're bringing a fun, collaborative, yet simple movie making experience to kids.

Coming Soon

Our Movie

Our Team

Experienced creatives, engineers, artists, future thinkers.


Azin Mehrnoosh


Mohammed El-Serougi

Lead Engineer

Brian Vanaski

Creative Director


Captain Awesomesauce

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