Creative Expression for Kids

Why Bright Bot Apps Are Different

We're Building Tools That Are Classroom Friendly.

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Educators have different needs than most consumers.

Bright Bot focuses its efforts on applications and services that make it easier for educators in various teaching environments the tools they need to do their jobs well, create engaging experiences, and expand children's imaginations.

Bright Bot's Story.

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Where mobile apps meet children's creative potential.

Bright Bot is the brainchild of designer/entrepreneur (Azin) who saw a tremendous need in the marketplace for simpler and better content creation apps for kids.

Bright Bot is an ambitious startup that's trying to change how we approach creativity in the classroom and living room. We believe that the arts are a critical part of the future success of not only our students, but our economy as well. We want to foster greater creativity and expand children’s imaginations to levels they never thought possible.